• Rodrigo Leão
  • 21 February, 2020

Rodrigo Leão speaks about “The Boy Inside” featuring Casper Clausen and Federico Albanese

After “A Bailarina” and “O Método”, “The Boy Inside” is the third single from Rodrigo’s new album and BMG International debut “O Método” out February 21, featuring the voice of special guest star Casper Clausen from the Danish band Efterklang and instrumentation from co-producer Federico Albanese.

In the entire album, “The Boy Inside” is probably the song that is the closest to a traditional pop song, or that carries more traditional pop influences. But the inspiration has nothing to do with pop music, and it came from three very different places!

First the bells of a cathedral I heard ringing in Antwerp; second, a choir I was lucky enough to hear singing in Goa, in the church of Loutolim; and finally, a book I was reading at the time, Dino Buzzati’s “The Tartar Steppe”.

The original melody was a combination of mystery, unease, restlessness, born out of the combination of these three experiences….

It was our co-producer on the album, Federico Albanese, who also plays on the track, that suggested we invited Casper Clausen of Efterklang to sing it and write the lyrics. I already knew Casper’s work and admired it very much, so I was happy to have the opportunity to invite him to sing. It turns out Casper is now living in Lisbon! That’s why “The Boy Inside” is the only song on the album with lyrics in English.

The Boy Inside

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