• Rodrigo Leão
  • 20 October, 2021

Rodrigo Leão presents: ESPECIAL “A Estranha Beleza da Vida”, October 30, in GLOBAL LIVE STREAMING

Rodrigo Leão is celebrating: he edited the album “A Estranha Beleza da Vida” and concluded the trilogy “A Liberdade”, and marks the occasion with a special show that will be broadcast around the world via streaming. On stage, in front of an extended ensemble of musicians and with special guests such as Surma or Michelle Gurevich and a small choir that includes his 3 children, the acclaimed Portuguese composer marks the start of yet another chapter of his work.

Rodrigo Leão’s music is always intensely emotional and if this comes across whenever you listen to each new creation of his authorship, it’s also true that this transmission is more direct and effective on stage. Internationally renowned composer, award-winning author of soundtracks, and applauded musician who has been on some of the most important stages in Portugal and beyond, Rodrigo Leão is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most outstanding modern composers on the European continent and a reference unavoidable at the national level with a curriculum that intersects with important names in recent music history such as Adriana Calcanhoto, Beth Gibbons, Ryuichi Sakamoto or Neil Hannon, for example. And now it’s time to present new work:  “A Estranha Beleza da Vida”.


Rodrigo is getting ready, then, to present his new creation with a new show that will be broadcast via streaming. Directed by Henrique Oliveira for a highly accurate multi-camera capture, with lighting by Leston Design, staged by Pedro Azevedo, and sound by Colin Girod, this production with the Uguru brand seeks the highest possible quality in order to bring every one of the spectators the same emotional density that one receives in an audience in front of a stage in a large concert hall.


Rodrigo, who plays piano and synthesizers, will be accompanied by an ensemble especially expanded for the occasion: in addition to the usual collaborators João Eleutério (bass, guitar, synthesizer, harmonium, percussion), Carlos Tony Gomes (violin and some arrangements), Viviane Tupikova ( violin and voice) and Ângela Silva (voice), this special concert will also feature Paulo Gaspar (clarinet), Marco Alves (trombone) and Francisco Brito (double bass). In addition to this collective, the voices that already provided choirs in material from “O Método”, António, Rosa and Sofia, sons of Rodrigo Leão. This concert also features special guests such as Surma or Michelle Gurevich.


This show was specially designed as a transitional moment between ‘O Método’ and the new album that will be played live on this occasion for the first time, “Less ambient and electronic”, explains Rodrigo Leão himself, “and more energetic and festive”, the album “A Estranha Beleza da Vida” thus deserves a premiere that is also a moment of special celebration.

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