• Rodrigo Leão
  • 15 July, 2015



The new project of the Portuguese composer is the result from the collaboration with Gulbenkian’s Choir and Orchestra

The new adventure of Rodrigo Leão carries all the ambition that the musician has never hidden: an ambition that allowed him to embrace very artistically complex projects. This time, there is a collaboration with the Gulbenkian Orchestra, 100 musicians, including the choir, will be directed by the conductor Rui Pinheiro.

This meeting will also have the participation of the Ensemble that normally accompanies Rodrigo Leão: the string quartet formed by Carlos Tony Gomes, Bruno Silva, Denys Stetsenko and Viviena Tupikova and also Celina da Piedade on the accordion and Selma Uamusse on the vocals.

The new album, that will be recorded by Tobias Lehmann, who is responsible for many of the titles in the prestigious catalog of the Deutsche Grammophon, to be recorded on the stage of Gulbenkian’s main Auditorium, marks not only a new cycle in Rodrigo’s career, who has just signed a contract with the Universal Music, also his reunion with original material but specially marks  his ambition of his singular artistic vision. With the collaboration of Steve Bartek, the renowned arranger with whom Rodrigo collaborated on the soundtrack of the movie “The Butler”, the composer signs here a series of unpublished works that focus on important philosophical questions regarding the his quest for the meaning of life and the search of his place in the world, themes that have always been a part of Rodrigo’s creations and one of his main sources of inspiration.  Carlos Tony Gomes is also responsible for the arrangements for the orchestra and Tiago Derriça signs some of the vocal arrangements that the choir will perform.

This new work will be in stores by the end of October and will be the result of a long path and a lot of work that will give way to three eagerly awaited concerts with Gulbenkian’s Choir and Orchestra in the month of November at the Portuguese most prestigious venues: the Coliseums – on the 18th at Oporto Coliseum and on the 20th and the 21st at Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon. The tickets for these shows are available at Bilheteira Online, Ticketline, Fnac stores and Worten.

The musicians that will appear on the shows will be exactly the same ones that will record the new album. Rodrigo’s artistic ambition also means a big production, presented by Uguru in straight cooperation with Gulbenkian’s Choir and Orchestra and the sponsorship of Caixagest.

Rodrigo Leão understands this new project like a work that reflects a philosophical outlook on life. It is a record of thought, reflection and even contemplation, themes that are perfectly reflected in these thematic original compositions. This is an important step for Rodrigo that resumes it as a record that he always wanted to make: “I have carried it for a long time on my thoughts”, he reveals. Now it’s time to turn it into life.

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