• Rodrigo Leão
  • 13 May, 2016


re.ti.ro [ʀəˈtiru] – re·treat [ri-ˈtrēt] (noun)

  1. A place of privacy or safety; refuge
  2. A period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director


After all the sucess reached in Portugal with “O Retiro”, edited last November and that enter directly to the 2nd place in the Portuguese charts and to the number 1 in the digital top, this album is now available worldwide through a serie of digital platforms.

If you know Rodrigo’s previous work you will immediately recognise his unmistakable melodic inspiration, if you don’t you will find yourself enraptured by his control of mood and melody. But, regardless of where you stand on his previous work, but you will also find something defiantly new in this album.

An orchestral project recorded with Lisbon’s Gulbenkian Orchestra and Choir, “O Retiro” is a synthesis of his three decades working as a composer and performer. His first album recorded for Universal Music, released under the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon label in Portugal and Spain, it’s also a piece that uses his experience as a springboard for higher, further flights, reorganizing his influences in new and surprising ways.

Written in between Rodrigo’s many professional and performing trips, between Lisbon and the quiet little town of Avis, “O Retiro” is a moment of peace, an album of reflection and contemplation. A space laid out for all those looking to rest, relax and recharge; the latest step in a creative voyage that has led Rodrigo Leão around the world, around all the worlds in our world. It’s now your turn to visit it.

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