• Rodrigo Leão
  • 10 January, 2020

“O Método”, Rodrigo Leão’s second single Features Federico Albanese

After “A Bailarina”, “O Método” is the second single from Rodrigo’s new album and BMG International debut “O Método” out February 21, featuring musician and co-producer Federico Albanese.

“O Método” was one of the very last pieces I wrote for this new album. It is a piece full of happiness and tranquility, maybe because it was written in a place that is very special for me: Avis, in the Southern Portuguese region of Alentejo. I spend a lot of time there with my family and my closest friends, so no wonder it’s a happy, quiet piece.

Initially I wrote it as a piece for piano and string quartet. But it changed once Federico Albanese, our co-producer on this album, heard the melody. He suggested we transform the arrangements into a more rhythmic, enveloping piece.

We felt we needed a fresh ear to help us find the exact sound we needed for this record, and my manager António Cunha suggested Federico, since our work has so much in common. Federico was incredibly helpful and helped us steer the project where we wanted to go.

O Método (featuring Federico Albanese)

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